Helping Poor Children in the Philippines

The Vision
Fullness in Christ Ministries helps some of the poorest of the poor children in the Philippines, children and youth who are held captive by the bondage of poverty and lack of education.  It is our desire for them to be set free to dream of a prosperous and productive future, to break the cycle of poverty that has enslaved them and their families.  We want them to know about the loving grace of Jesus Christ and be encouraged to give their lives to Him, to grow to be strong successful Christian adults who will have a transforming impact on their society and nation.  We  feed the children body (with food), soul (with education) and spirit (with the Gospel of Jesus Christ).

The Mission
To provide hope for the children and youth of the Philippine Islands who are held captive by poverty and lack of education by assisting them to attend school.

To supplement the nutritional needs of the children and their families.

To introduce the children and their families to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, who will be a source of strength and encouragement and hope for the remainder of their lives.

To assist pastors and other individuals who teach children and young adults the principles of Christianity, character qualities and personal habits that will help them become successful adults and world changers.

To seek pastors and individuals native to the Philippines who are already ministering to children and we work through them to accomplish the above stated mission.

Strategy – What We Do
These are the specifics of our strategy for accomplishing the above vision.

Provide meals for malnourished children and their families living at dumpsites, on the streets and under bridges. The frequency varies by location.

Pay school expenses for children who, without financial help, would not be able to attend school.

Assist with pre-schools for the purpose of preparing poor children for public school.

Provide funds for job training for young men and women who do not have the education needed to be self sustaining and productive in society.

Work through local church leaders and pastors who know the children and families and their needs. We send small financial support to these leaders and require a monthly report on the ministry, accountability of the money sent for ministry and to let us know of unmet needs.

Recruit sponsors and investors to help with the cost of food, education and discipleship training for the children.

Encourage microbusiness ideas and ventures as means of overcoming poverty and dependency.

Travel to the Philippines once a year to visit the locations where we sponsor children and youth. We meet with the local pastors and leaders responsible for each group and host a gathering or party for the sponsored children, providing a meal and a time for personal visits with the children. During these visits, we often have opportunity to speak to parents and guardians as well.

Between the annual visits, we are in frequent contact with our onsite leadership through e-mail.

You can be a part of changing the life of a child.  Sponsor A Child Today.

1 Response to Helping Poor Children in the Philippines

  1. ras65a says:

    Written with excellence by a woman with a heart of kids as big as Texas. You go Kathy. Another good piece of work!

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