A Day in the Life of a Sponsored Child in the Philippines

School Children

School is over for the day and the children are ready to go home.

School is over for the day and these students are loading up in the truck to go home. Several of them are Fullness in Christ Ministries (FCM) sponsored children who could not go to school before they were sponsored. Thank you for your investment in their lives.

Here are notes from some of them:

Elmer, age 10. His family is so poor. Not only did he and his brother not go to school, they did not even eat every day. He was severely under-nourished and his future did not look good. Now he is in school and receiving supplemental nutrition.

Here is a note from Elmer: “Dear Sponsor and Ate Kathy, Thank you for your help in my studies. I will try my best to do my assignments so that I can pass always. God is so good in my life because even if we don’t always have much food in the house we are healthy. Pray for my father that he will be strong and healthy because he has weak lungs. Thank you very much. Merry Christmas to you and family.”

Princess Camille, age 10. Her family lives at the garbage site and survives by collecting recyclables from the trash dump and selling it. She is happy that the promise of help was fulfilled because, as she said, many came and took photos of them and made promises, but never came back. Being sponsored has changed her life and future.

Here is a note from Princess Camille: “Dear Ate Kathy and Sponsor, Our Girls Scout Camping was very successful and I enjoyed it. We had many games and learned many ways of helping those who are weak and needy, especially with first aid. My mother visited me at the camp and brought food for me. Thank sponsor for helping me to be able to attend school. I will make my studies good. For now I am still on the top. Thank you Lord.”

You can have a life-changing impact on a child, like Elmer or Princess Camille, who has a lot of potential but needs help to get an education. If you don’t already sponsor a child or youth, pray about it. Ask God if that is something for you to do. See below for a link to get you started. It will bless you.

When a sponsor, a local pastor, and FCM combine efforts, they help children reach their potential and fulfill the purpose God has for them. Don’t ever think what you give doesn’t make a difference. You can be part of giving hope to children like Elmer and Princess Camille. We need people to give to feed hungry children. We need more sponsors to send uneducated children to school. Your gifts change young lives forever. To learn more about how to get involved in transforming the lives of these children in the Philippines go to the Fullness in Christ Ministries website at:


End of Year tax deductible gift: The end of this year is soon approaching. In these last few weeks consider giving an end of year tax deductible gift. You can honor Jesus at this season by giving to help to change young lives. God bless you for blessing the poor.


About kathybohlin

I am passionate about helping poor children in Philippines come to Jesus, get an education and become all God created them to be. Right now our ministry (Fullness in Christ Ministries) helps almost 900 of the poorest of the poor children in the Philippines. They are over seen by 24 national pastors whom we consider trustworthy and competent. There is accountability. I am single and contented with that. Also I want everyone to know how wonderful Jesus is!!
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