Fullness in Christ Ministries Offers To Help Feed Hungry Children

Rudy Esic runs the Kids Freedom Center, Illigan City, Philippines

Lots of food for lots of hungry children. Pastor Rudy is shown (in the picture above) getting ready to feed lunch to sponsored school children. In the Philippines, most school children go to their homes for lunch. To the students who are sponsored through the Fullness in Christ Ministries program in the Philippines, and who come to Kids Freedom Center for lunch, this meal is very important because, for many of them, it is their only meal of the day. This program is their only option, because there is no food for them at home, nor is there money to buy something to eat for lunch. Some of the donations that you send buy food for these precious ones.  The Food for Learning program through Fullness in Christ Ministries is specifically designed to fund nutritional programs such as the one at Kids Freedom Center.

Here are some notes we received this week from some of the children.

From Biana (age 12):  My mother is so thankful that the feeding program at the Freedom Center continued when school started because we can now eat during lunch time. Last month I was confined in the hospital because of not having enough to eat. Sometimes my mother will ask will ask for food from our neighbor so we will not go hungry. During lunch time I have to eat plenty at Kid’s Freedom Center to satisfy my hunger. Thank you very much, sponsor, for supporting as in our school needs and also for providing us with food during school days.

From Charles (age 10):  I am so happy that my twin brother and I became FCM scholars because we cannot go to school without your support. My father has a job as a carpenter in another city, but he does not care for us and does not help us. We stay with my step mother but she does not care for us either. Sometimes we go to school without eating because she sometimes does not cook food for us. Thank you sponsor that you care for me.

Noeme (age 9):  Even though we are facing hard times in our family, but I still thank the Lord for giving us good health. I always go to the Kids Freedom Center so I can eat the food prepared for us by the scholarship program. At home, I do most of the household chores and take care of my siblings, but I never neglect to study my lessons every night. I always go to church every Sunday because I believe that my spiritual life is very important. Thank you very much, sponsor, for all your support for us. 

Thank you for being part of the team that helps change the lives of the children. Without your help they would be caught in a cycle of poverty inherited from their parents and grandparents. They would be hungry. They would be uneducated. They would be without hope.

You can be part of giving hope to some very poor children in the Philippines. Your gifts change young lives forever. For more information go to Fullness in Christ Ministries’ website at www.fullnessinchristministries.com to learn how you can get involved in transforming lives and giving hope to children in the Philippines.


About kathybohlin

I am passionate about helping poor children in Philippines come to Jesus, get an education and become all God created them to be. Right now our ministry (Fullness in Christ Ministries) helps almost 900 of the poorest of the poor children in the Philippines. They are over seen by 24 national pastors whom we consider trustworthy and competent. There is accountability. I am single and contented with that. Also I want everyone to know how wonderful Jesus is!!
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