Thank you for making Christmas dreams come true…

Thank you for your generous response to help give our sponsored children and their families a special Christmas.  You have been very generous with your gifts for the children.

Pictured here are some very happy children, excited about the Christmas gifts they received. We hope you enjoy the comments below from some of them.

Children in Philippines Happy about Christmas Gifts

Your gifts for Christmas for sponsored kids made a lot of children happy.  Enjoy these unedited statements from some of them.

Lonalyn was very happy of what she gets for her gift. Also satisfied her Mom gets a roasted chicken for their “Christmas Dinner”.

Anthony and Eljean were so happy to receive 2 roasted chickens for their big family to celebrate for the first time at Christmas dinner. Thank you so much for the sponsors who gave them that big smile!!!

Annie –  Wow!!! says Annie as she received the biscuits and other food gifts she got at the Christmas party. “The food was yummy and the party was so joyful with the “surprise Christian clown” invited to come to make us happy!!!

Rachel says, “Now for the first time my brothers and sisters could celebrate Christmas with “roasted chicken”!  To those who gave this to us tell them thank you and may they have more blessing on their business this 2011!!!

Kristelle – I could not imagine that my simple prayer at Christmas “to have many blessings” will happen, thank you sponsors for the Milo, the milk, biscuits, rice, and roasted chicken, also the food at the party we got during Christmas celebration. You did not only make me happy also my younger brothers and sisters!!!

Ramer – hehehe so funny the “clown” transfering the milk from the cup to the mouth by “finger straw” and many other tricks of “Totep the Clown”  I enjoyed it and the gifts, I love Milo thank you sponsor!!!”

Shiella May says , “My mother was very happy that God answers her prayers that this Christmas will not be like last year when we don’t have any food, even rice.  Now we don’t only have rice, we also get gifts of soap, Milo, biscuits and “roasted chicken” to share with the whole family. Thank you to all the sponsors who extend their love to us!!!”

Regine – Thank you Lord! I also thank you Ate Kathy, Lola Bev and Lolo Ras and the sponsors who made me and my family happy on Christmas season. ”

Mary Paz – my Mama was very happy that my sponsor gave us Christmas gifts to enjoy last Christmas, thank you very much to all.”

Kathlyn – Mama was happy that after the storm typhoon Juan destroyed our boats, our  Christmas was still happy. Jesus answered her prayer that we have something to enjoy at Christmas!!

Vince – “daghana ani uy” says Vince, which means: “these are so much gifts for us!”  He wants to tell his sponsors and the FCM people his “thanks”. Thank you sponsors also from (me) the pastor!

Charlotte – nice party that we have, I enjoyed the games, and the tricks of  “Totep the Clown” and it’s good he is born again too!!! I also like the food, I was full, and also the Christmas presents!!!  Thank you sponsors and Ate Kathy, and Lola Bev and Lolo Ras.

Jenelyn – even if my Papa was still away from us, we were still happy and enjoyed our Christmas because we received many gifts on Christmas. Thank you my sponsor for remembering me at Christmas time. I love you.

Celljosh – Nice clown at the Christmas party. He knows the verses in the Bible!  Thank you sponsors for the gifts too!!

Some of the poorest families in the Philippines, families who live at garbage dumps, under bridges, on the streets and in squatter areas, enjoyed a Christmas blessing made possible by your generosity.  Most of them would have received no Christmas without your help.  Christmas was made special for hundreds of children in 24 locations on 4 different islands. It was touching that most of them requested food for Christmas, much more often than toys or other gifts.  Some said that most of the time on Christmas, they do not have food to eat. So food was a big part of the blessing for the families.

Thank you for making this a Christmas to remember for hundreds of kids and their families.


About kathybohlin

I am passionate about helping poor children in Philippines come to Jesus, get an education and become all God created them to be. Right now our ministry (Fullness in Christ Ministries) helps almost 900 of the poorest of the poor children in the Philippines. They are over seen by 24 national pastors whom we consider trustworthy and competent. There is accountability. I am single and contented with that. Also I want everyone to know how wonderful Jesus is!!
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One Response to Thank you for making Christmas dreams come true…

  1. justina bing camacho says:

    In Proverbs 22:6 , Jesus said…” Train up a child in a way He should go and when He is old He will never depart from it.”… Praise God for having people like you for ministering these kids…. for I believe, that the word they had received will grow in God’s perfect time as well as the channel of parents salvation too…. Keep it up more power and praying for more sponsors for this God’s kingdom agenda…. Your labor in the Lord is not in vain…. CONGRATULATIONS!

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