Feeding Hungry Children

When children don't get enough to eat, they sometimes lose their hair

The signs of hunger are not pretty. Underweight. Brown or red streaks in hair that would normally be a glossy black. A child sitting in a school room with an empty stomach who cannot concentrate. A baby with a distended stomach. A child who cries when she goes to bed hungry. A little boy digging through trash behind a restaurant. A young girl who cries as she walks to school because there was no food for her breakfast. Children who come home from school for lunch, but there is nothing to eat when they get there. A mother who is much too thin because she gives what little food she finds to her children.

Plates of rice and chicken put smiles on faces of the children

Few of the people I know have ever known real hunger, the kind of hunger that causes the signs mentioned above. Some of my friends in the Philippines have known that kind of hunger. Our hearts are touched and we have compassion when we see it, but few of us personally know what it is like.

What joy it is to be able to give food to someone, especially to a child, who is hungry and see the excitement in the eyes. The joy builds when a hungry child begins to receive regular hot meals and you see the changes. The smiles. The energy. The sparkling eyes. Improved grades in school.

Older children help the younger ones.

Jesus had this to say about feeding the hungry: “‘I was hungry and you gave Me something to eat…’. Then the righteous will answer Him, saying, ‘Lord,when did we see You hungry, and feed you…?’ And the King will answer and say to them, ‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.'” (Matthew 25:35,37,40)

Is it in your heart to help feed the hungry? I encourage you to pray about it and see if God will speak to you. What a wonderful way to end a year. Show your thankfulness to Jesus for what He has done for you this year by giving a gift to feed the hungry. He said, when you do that, you do it for Me.

A compassionate worker passes out food to hungry children

There are many organizations that do a great job of getting food to the hungry. Find one you can trust and help them, not just at Christmas, but all through the year.   To give your gift online, go to Feeding Hungry Children.   If you prefer to send a check, make your check to “FCM” and send it to us at Fullness in Christ Ministries, PO Box 136117, Fort Worth, TX 76136. Enclose a note telling us that your gift is for “Feeding Hungry Children.”

Every gift, small and large, helps change a life and perhaps even saves a life.

Thank you for making Christmas dreams come true…

Thank you again for your generous response to help give our sponsored children and their families a special Christmas. These are some of the poorest among the poor and most would have no Christmas if not for someone to help. You have been very generous and we are thankful. If you have not sent anything and wish to, you can do so at Christmas for Children.

Fullness in Christ Ministries is a non-profit, tax exempt organization (501(c)(3)).  All donations to this ministry are fully tax deductible in the US.


About kathybohlin

I am passionate about helping poor children in Philippines come to Jesus, get an education and become all God created them to be. Right now our ministry (Fullness in Christ Ministries) helps almost 900 of the poorest of the poor children in the Philippines. They are over seen by 24 national pastors whom we consider trustworthy and competent. There is accountability. I am single and contented with that. Also I want everyone to know how wonderful Jesus is!!
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One Response to Feeding Hungry Children

  1. ras65a says:

    I love this presentation of children being fed. How precious in God’s and and our eyes they are. May many be stirred to give an “end of the year 2010” to the “Feel Hungary Children” efforts.

    Thank you Kathy for the excellent ministry you have.

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